Central Gauteng Aquatics – Objectives and Vision

CGA’s objectives:

The objectives of CGA are:

To support the objectives of SSA and AG, as outlined in the relevant latest revision of their respective Constitutions, within the jurisdiction of CGA, with particular focus on:

  • All sectors of our community, incorporating those who have lacked access to aquatics facilities, teachers and/or coaching in the
  • Developing a working relationship with schools’ aquatics and tertiary institutions in the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan
  • The identification and development of athletes with high performance
  • Increasing the membership and participation, particularly that of disabled athletes, in all the aquatics
  • To ensure good governance at all levels within the CGA
  • To promote and encourage the development of relations between the aquatic disciplines within
  • To ensure that all members in the district, CGA affiliate, associate and individual members, subscribe and adhere to the constitution, bye-laws, rules & regulations of competitions, policies and strategies of the organisation, as determined by CGA, from time to
  • To endeavour to ensure and promote drug-free aquatics, at all levels of participation, including in and out of competition drug testing.

CGA’s vision:

“Every child a swimmer………..every school, a pool”

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