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Central Gauteng Senior Diving Records 2009 – 2017

CGA Senior Records2010 to 2017

Central Gauteng Age Group Diving Records 2009 – 2017

CGA Age Group Records 2009 – 2017


National Diving Records

Senior National Diving Records 2005 – 2017

Senior National Records 2010 – 2017

National Youth Games Diving Records 2005 – 2017

National Youth Games Records 2005 – 2017

RSA Cup Diving Records Records 2010 – 2017

RSA Cup Records 2010 to 2017

National Age Group Diving Records 2005 – 2017

National Age Group Records 2010 to 2017



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Awards Regulations

NAG & CGA Diving

Age group Trophies

These are awarded to the diver with the highest aggregate score when the scores for all qualifying competitions are added. Please note:

      • For E Group there is no platform competition so any divers competing both 1m and 3m are eligible.
      • For all other age groups only divers who have competed in 1m, 3m & Platform are eligible. If no diver competes in all three disciplines in any age group then the trophy will not be awarded in that competition.
      • Where a diver has competed in both preliminaries and finals the final score should be included. If in one or more discipline they do not go through to the final, their preliminary score will be included.
      • Only divers registered with a Central Gauteng club are eligible for CGA trophy.
      • Only divers competing within their own age group are eligible for age group trophies. For clarity this means that a diver who dives out of his/her age group in order to stand trials for selection to the Youth Games team is not eligible for the trophy presented to that age group.

Club points

Club points are awarded to the following schedule:

1st 14
2nd 10
3rd 7
4th 5
5th 4
6th 3
7th etc 1

Where divers compete in preliminary and final rounds the finals placings are used to allocate club points. The diver’s placing can only be included once per competition.

Most improved

Most improved diver is calculated by averaging score per dive in the current year and subtracting average score per dive from the previous year.

      • Divers who did not compete in the previous year’s competition are not eligible
      • Where possible finals scores should be compared with finals scores, and preliminary scores with preliminary. In the situation where there is no preliminary in the comparative year only final to final comparison should be made. Where a child did not make the final round in one of the years and there was only a final in the other year, then the preliminary score of the one year will be compared to the final score.
      • Trialists are not eligible for most improved in the group in which they stand trial for Youth Games. Where they then progress into B group for instance, their B group score should be compared with their C group score from the previous year and not with their trial scores.
      • Only divers registered with a CGA club are eligible for Most Improved.

Highest scoring dive (NAG only)

Highest scoring dive is awarded to the single highest scoring dive across all groups and disciplines.

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