Resignation of CGA President

The President of CGA has tendered his resignation with immediate effect. Below is the content of the email sent to member clubs and CGA board on 13 July 2022.

Dear All,


I am resigning as president of CGA with immediate effect.


Due to a Disrupted AGM by persons who are bypassing the CGA constitution and the Byelaws for whatever reasons, the remaining executive and executive committee has been left trying to keep things moving forward and are going to be accountable for issues that have not been done, have not happened, been done incorrectly etc. etc, not due to their  incompetence, but due to the result of a disrupted AGM by persons who haven’t a continental clue of how or what it entails to run a district properly according to the constitution, byelaws, POPAI etc., etc. and are not prepared to jump in and do what it entails. I am not going to be part of a problem that was not of my own making.


I have attached the presidents report, which I would advise you to read, plus all the reports from the different disciplines who supplied one as well as the financial statement.

Please make sure that the CGA constitution and byelaws are adhered to and not circumvented


I wish CGA a successful future


Marco Marchi

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